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MIZUNO Wave Claw Pro Badminton Shoes

RM 439.90

This all-new CLAW flagship model is made with natural leather that creates an integrated feeling between the foot and shoe. It is designed to be lightweight and speedy. Premium features such as MIZUNO WAVE, MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM, and the MIZUNO ENERZY INSOLE offer amazing cushioning and energy return. Special material helps prevent stretching at the outer forefoot area.

• Offering speed & a light weight
• A lightweight shoe with a separate sole that facilitates smooth quick starts.
• MIZUNO WAVE: The WAVE Plate realizes both stability and cushioning, which are normally contrasting elements. Loaded with Mizuno‘s core functions.
• MIZUNO ENERZY FOAM: Feature MIZUNO ENERZY, offering high cushioning and energy return, at the ball of the foot. The high shock absorption when making contact with the ground and excellent energy return will support your sudden starts during play.
• MIZUNO ENERZY INSOLE: The insole has MIZUNO ENERZY, which offers high cushioning and energy return. Synergy with the midsole enhances cushioning and energy return.
• Natural Leather: The natural leather‘s softness and adaptability to the foot help unite the shoe and foot. The leather supports more powerful kicks.
• Stretch control material: Configured with material that prevents stretching of the upper lining material at the outer forefoot area, which takes a major load when you move your feet.